The company will not accept liability in respect of any loss or theft of or damage to the exterior of your vehicle if it is proved to be caused by the owners of the vehicles´(or authorized drivers´) negligence, willful act or default or breach of statutory duty. The company will accept liability for defects to a customer's vehicle, if it is proved to be caused by our staff´s negligence, and/or loss or theft of possessions within the vehicle if it is proved to be caused by our staff. Leaving your vehicle unlocked at the airport invalidates any claim of theft directed towards staff of Marina Carpark SL of either the vehicle itself or contents within it. The Company does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature as part of the car parks' open-air surface operations. This includes any damage caused by rodents or other animals. Marina Car Park SL takes precautions quarterly against rodent infestation. Nor will the company accept responsibility for damaged windscreens or other glass, unless it is proved to be caused by their negligence. The company does not accept responsibility for any mechanical or electrical failure to vehicles whilst in its custody unless it is proved to be caused by staff negligence. Nor will the company accept responsibility for damaged or punctured tyres, unless it is proved to be caused by their negligence.


Should your vehicle suffer damage whilst in the Company's care or should you lose the vehicle or any of your possessions from the vehicle whilst it is in the car park you must immediately inform the Company of the occurrence.


The Company reserves the right to undertake repairs to your Vehicle on your behalf in a manner which restores it to the condition in which it arrived at the car park and in that event no claim by you can be made. It is Marina Carpark SL´s  responsibility to check the condition of the vehicle when they take charge of the vehicle, and the customer´s responsibility to check for any damage to the vehicle over and above any already recorded on the contract when they collect it. Failure to record any new damage to the vehicle immediately onto the contract, immunises Marina Carpark SL from liability. Discovering new damage later, once in the clients´possession, does not make the company liable for such damage. 


You are advised to allow for sufficient journey time to arrive at the airport at least 20 minutes prior to the check-in time given to you by your airline, travel operator or travel agent. This usually equates to 2 hours before your flight.


You must ensure that, before leaving the Vehicle with the Company that it is in a roadworthy condition, (including tyres which meet the standards required by law), taxed and holds a current MOT/ITV , All Vehicles must have the legal document´s required by Spanish law within the vehicle when left in out charge if applicable. The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept a car into their care which fails to meet these conditions as this could lead to it becoming liable under the Road Traffic Acts. You should point out to the Company any special driving attachments or car features such as disabled driver Controls, key codes, immobilisers, special starting instructions etc as we will not be liable for damage resulting from driver's lack of familiarity with them. The Company reserves the right to move your vehicle within the car park by driving or otherwise to such extent as the Company or its employees may in their discretion think necessary for the efficient arrangement of its parking facilities at the car park, or in emergencies or to avoid accidents or obstructions. Ignition keys to your vehicle must therefore be handed to a member of staff. To the extent that it may be necessary to do so in the exercise of the rights conferred upon the Company under this condition the Company & its employees shall have the right to drive the vehicle on the public highway.


The Company has the right of retention on the vehicle as security for the parking payment. The owner of the car park may use the procedure described in Article 71 of the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Traffic and Road Safety when a vehicle is parked continually at the same parking lot for a period of time exceeding six months in a manner that reasonably suspects neglect, either by its own state, for the damage it has and which makes it impossible to move it by its’ own means, because it has no registration plates, or generally by those outward signs that suggest a lack of interest in its use by the owner.